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Express & Courier
For document and parcel deliveries,
Parcel Solutions

When it comes to international and domestic parcel
services for organisations, we seek the best solutions for our clients that are simple to use and cost-effective service.

We make it convenient convenient and hassle-free option for customers who regularly need to send parcels overseas.

Express Parcels

We will help you source the fastest options to ensure your delivery always reaches it's destination on time. Whether your documents or parcels need to be sent locally or to overseas destinations, you can be assured our staff will help you find the best solutions to send your items quickly and reliably.


OptimaX is not bound by allegience to any specific provider, we can add value to our clients by sending their mails and parcels thru the most cost effective and efficient network providers that suits their budget and preferences. Not all providers can claim to be good in every sector. OptimaX can help our client get the best of the network because we are not restricted by a single network service provider. We are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of various network provider so we can offer the best solutions for each client. 

This service has the added convenience of real time on line track and trace through our global partners.

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