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Print & Mail
Design, Print & Mail  Services
Address Labels
Laser Print address labels either directly on carrier sheets, envelopes or on labels, we have the capabilities to pritn for you. Just send your database to us via  a secure site and we make sure that your database is safe. Immediately after printing, we will purge the data so that it will never fall into the wrong hands.
High speed data transfer with print capabilities supports Print and Mail Services. All you need is to prepare the data and send it to us to Print and Mail using cost-effective end-to-end service for any quantities containing highly confidential variable data.
Laser Printing Services

Where large quantities of mailers need to be printed
– whether carrier sheets, cover-letters or reply-paid sub-
scription cards, OptimaX provides you with solutions.

Whether your print material needs to be in black and white or
in full colour, or even if you need to mail-merge your address
database with customer letters, we can help you.


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