For convenience of the clients, we can manage your inventory either ON site or OFF site for warehousing, mail fulfilment, printing, letter-shopping and delivery.

Because we work with strategic warehouse partners, we have the flexibilty to upscale or downscale the warehouse space according to your need so that you pay for only what you use. Our warehousing activities serve to assist our customers in fulfilling specific storage, fulfilment and distribution needs. Where mail fulfilment activities are involved, customers can also choose to stock their surplus envelopes within the warehouse for mailing when required as an add-on service.


Warehouse Manangement Outsource Services

If you already have a committed warehouse space ON-Site or OFF-site and you need someone to takeover the hassle of managing your own operations, OptimaX offers you a business process outsource model with a range of flexible fulfilment services including the management of your staff, Stuffing or Unstufiing or containers,breaking down of pallets, putaway and then pick and pack and deliver.

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